Congratulations to Henno Gous for obtaining his PhD qualification during the December ‘14 graduation ceremony!

In 2014 Henno Gous, now Dr Henno Gous, obtained his PhD qualification from the Industrial Engineering Department. We would like to congratulate him and share some of the information pertaining to his PhD.

Title: Towards a reference architecture for integrated knowledge networks.
Department: Department of Industrial Engineering
Promoter: Prof CSL Schutte
Co-promoter: Prof A Gerber

Henno focussed on the engineering of integrated knowledge networks (IKNs) through the use of a reference architecture. This study seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the constructional principles underlying this class of collaborative networks. The reference architecture for IKNs is developed through design science research within a pragmatic and qualitative research strategy. It was found that the reference architecture provides constructional principles in the engineering of IKNs, thus enabling the design, operation and research of this class of collaborative networks.

Congratulations once again Dr Gous!

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