Resource Efficient Production Engineering

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Resource Efficient Production Engineering improves processes to achieve sustainability in the creation of wealth. Sustainable value chains generate wealth whilsts remaining conscious of the three P’s of sustainability – People, Profit, Planet. This requires the efficient utilization of resources like energy, water, minerals, money, time, and minimizing waste. Efficient resource utilization requires “knowledge”, and “innovation” – the most important resources in our value chain.

What do we do?

We analyse any value chain by identifying its traditional pillars namely -Quality , Time and Cost – then we add “Flexibility” – a modern requirement of personalized products/services. Flexible value chains traditionally have the components “Machines”, “Humans”, “Automation” and “Material Handling”. Our focus is on the interfaces between these components – a European INDUSTRY 4.0 approach – said to be the 4th industrial revolution. Sustainable interfaces with the human remains a challenge, and has progressed from a physical to a psycho-physical challenge. New innovative knowledge is sought in how the modern human would interact with its environment – our research seeks to explore and test these options – may it be Google Glass, Haptic exoskeletal, Robotic limbs, Artificial body parts, Bio-Medical processes or real-time Bio-Mechanics.

How do we do it?

We learn, iterate, teach and innovate. One step at a time, progressing from one level to the next, to first master, then innovate.

Details to follow.

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