Smart Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing

Field of Research: Smart Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing

Lecturer: Devon Hagedorn-Hansen

Manufacturing is the processing of raw materials into finished goods through the use of tools, machines, and processes. Manufacturing processes and technologies are fast growing towards becoming smart, sustainable, and more advanced. Research areas of interest include Additive Manufacturing, Subtractive Manufacturing, Resource Efficient Process Chains, Manufacturing Systems, Biologicalisation in Manufacturing, and Learning Factories.
• Additive manufacturing (AM) is commonly referred to as 3D printing (Rapid Prototyping). AM is gaining popularity in industries such as the aerospace, medical, and tool-and-die industries. Research focus is currently on titanium hybrid parts and AM of Tungsten Carbide cutting tools.
• Subtractive manufacturing is the removal of material from a starting raw material in order to achieve the required geometry. Research focus is currently on the machining of Titanium and Titanium alloys.
• Resource efficient process chain development is the optimization of various manufacturing processes, which includes process optimization through simulation. Currently the focus is on the optimization of a renowned Biltong factory in Cape Town.
• Manufacturing systems include visual management systems, smart production systems, Industry 4.0 and Manufacturing Execution Systems.
• Biologicalisation in Manufacturing is the “use and integration of biological and bio-inspired principles, materials, functions, structures and resources for intelligent and sustainable manufacturing technologies and systems with the aim of achieving their full potential”.
• The Learning Factory is a mock setup of a factory which is used for training and research purposes. Operations in the Stellenbosch Learning Factory include curriculum development, gamification, and Industry 4.0 implementation.

Field of Research: Smart Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing

Lecturer: Prof Tiaan Oosthuizen
Developing the science, capabilities and commercial opportunities to develop and support local manufacturing suppliers.

Research Group Members

Dimitri Dimitrov
Prof Dimitrov sadly passed away on 8 November 2018

Devon Hagedorn-Hansen
General Manager